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WHAT NEXT?  Share offer re-opened - download copy here 

April 2019 - Savills are now marketing Jubilee Field and details can be found on their website. FOJF are consulting with shareholders before deciding on our next move.


December 2018 - Parish Council vote in closed session to put Jubilee Field up for sale with land agents Savills and subsequently sent a document to the parish.

BID TO BUY JUBILEE FIELD SUBMITTED AND REJECTED August 2018 - Share offer rejected by Parish Council. We have been unable to arrange a meeting to negotiate a price.

FIRST TARGET REACHED 15.07.2018 FOJF have reached £75,000 and the first target in our share document meaning that we deem the share offer a success!!

LOCAL GREEN SPACE DESIGNATION  You can find lots of information by visiting SNC's website and reading all about Local Green Space.   FOJF are delighted that Jubilee Field was nominated as an LGS and is part of SNS's emerging Local Plan Part 2a

The decision was based on criteria set out by the government and you can read about it  HERE! We do need your support. If you have already completed a nomination form can you write to SNC again stating that you agree with their nomination. If you didn't complete a form but support the nomination please write to SNC and let them know your thoughts. 

If we can be of any help at all please do get in touch by emailing

Share Offer at 78% of our target!

The response has been amazing and we have extended our share offer until July 14th as per the terms of our share document. Link to share offer documents on website home page or below.

Share Offer Now Live!  April 18th 2018

Click here to read or download and print a copy of our share offer document and application form. A once in a lifetime opportunity!

Share Launch Tuesday 17th April 2018

Friends of Jubilee Field aim to bid for the purchase of Boddington Jubilee Field, by way of a community share offer which will be launched at our Open Day on Tuesday 17th April at Boddington Methodist Chapel, Chapel Lane, Upper Boddington from 2:30 until 8:30 pm

Speakers are: David Boyle - Director of The Community Shares Company is an expert in community shares  from 2:30 until 4:30 pm to answer any questions you may have with a presentation at 4 pm.
Angela Lewis - Head of Programmes and Development Manager for Fields in Trust from 4:30 until 6:30 pm to explain Deeds of Dedication and how Jubilee Field could benefit from becoming a Field in Trust, with a presentation at 6 pm
From 2:30 until 8:30 pm the Founder Directors will be on hand to answer any questions.

Whats happening in March 2018

The directors of Friends of Jubilee Field (FOJF) have had a busy few months, and have just delivered our first flyer as part of a planned, phased approach to bidding for the purchase of Jubilee Field. 

Open Day on Tuesday 17th April from 2:30 pm until 8:30 pm at Upper Boddington Methodist Church - all welcome.  Details of speakers available soon!

Whats happening in January 2018

Parish Council informed South Northamptonshire Council (SNC) that they intend to enter into a relevant disposal of Jubilee Field.  This started a legal process in which Friends of Jubilee Field called a moratorium, delaying any sale until May 2018 and we also informed SNC of our intention to place a bid to buy Jubilee Field.  Friends of Jubilee is now a Community Benefit Society. Look out for details of our launch event!

Decisions made at PC meeting (03.10.2017)

Parish Council voted to use the Tesco grant, awarded for play equipment on Jubilee Field, to be spend on play equipment in the garden of the Carpenters Arms. Very unfair !

They have agreed to meet with 2 members of FOJF, but just to listen to what we have to say and then take it back to Parish Council to discuss,. We wonder whether other village groups find it so difficult to talk to their Parish Council.

FOJF statement at PC meeting (03.10.2017)

I am speaking on behalf of the FOJF regarding the Jubilee Field Tesco Grant being used in other venues.
This grant was agreed by Groundworks in August 2016 - for play equipment on Jubilee Field alongside the other funds that had been raised. In October the PC agreed that planning permission could be pursued and discussions with suppliers could be explored. In December the PC took control of the grant and did not allow the JFMG access. In January the PC put planning on hold until the completion of the Parish Plan - July. There was no mention of the signing of the contract or the conditions. There have been no details on the liaison with Groundworks on the time delays and planning.

The decisions on JF remain unclear yet PC are tonight considering giving the Tesco Grant away before Parish Plans are clarified. This is despite the fact that Parish Plan shows quite clearly that play equipment is wanted on JF and would be used. The other grants from Ian Morris and Ford also remain unclear, along with other funds raised by parish events - total £4,000. There was considerable efforts to explore the right equipment and best grants to go for by the JFMG - meeting with people who had experience and meeting with a nearby group who raised £31,000 in 12 months. The group and the JF were ready for applications for the large grants – the PC decisions have blocked all development.

It seems the PC is quite happy with the numbers of children playing on the bits of rope and wood at the end of London End – right by the traffic. The play equipment would have been put a few yards away where access was easy and safe.  (There was no comment from PC)

Possible meeting with Boddington Parish Council! (29.09.2017)

We have asked several times for a meeting with the PC to discuss Jubilee Field and a way forward.  This is now an agenda item at the PC meeting on Tuesday 3rd October (note the change of date).  PC is now going to discuss whether to have a meeting with FOJF! We will let you know if they agree.

Boddington Vintage Bric a Brac Stall 09.09 and 10.09. 2017

A really big thank you to everyone who donated and helped out. Total raised £392.35

FOJF statement made at PC meeting on 06.09.2017

"Councillors will be aware that following the August PC meeting FOJF requested a meeting with Parish Council. You will also be aware that there was no response to this, until late this afternoon.
The subject will, of course, be about Jubilee Field and discussions around the point 72c on the previous agenda. It was heartening to hear some Councillors expressing relief, regarding a suggestion that there may be potential to sell the field to the community and most importantly to put an end to the considerable rift within the village. It was positive that there was a delay in any decisions on Jubilee Field until there is clarity from the results of the Parish plan.
Of course, FOJF needs to meet with the Council - there is much to discuss to establish whether there could be any resolution. A way forward! We have explored the possibility of a mediator - what do Parish Council think of this? So with a sense of fairness, we ask that a decision is made tonight regarding a meeting.
Secondly, we would want to express the despair felt regarding the agenda item considering using the Jubilee Field Tesco Grant for the Charles Cowper Field. The unfairness of this is appalling. Decisions have not yet been made about the Parish Plan in general and importantly Jubilee Field, and yet other parties seem to want the pickings from the hard work carried out to improve the field – based on the wishes of parishioners. Parish Council has been entirely responsible for the lack of progress with this grant, having stopped Planning applications in January. We ask that the Tesco grant is used as intended."

SNC  uphold decision to list Jubilee Field as an Asset of Community Value 20.07.2017
"I, therefore, conclude that the Asset known as Jubilee Field, Upper Boddington, meets both the test for improvement of social well-being and/or interest in the past and the test for doing so in the future. I also confirm that FoJF qualify as a nominating body. I therefore uphold the decision to list Jubilee Field as an Asset of Community Value."

We are sure that you will all be as delighted as we are that Jubilee Field is STILL an Asset of Community Value. Parish Council does have the right of appeal to the First Tier Tribunal against this decision.

PC Object to ACV decision14.06.2017

An Asset of Community Value which was granted to Jubilee Field in April 2017.  Sadly Parish Council has decided to ask for a review of the ACV,  as they are not happy with the decision made by South Northamptonshire Council. We do not understand the reasons why Parish Council have voted to challenge the decision, but as the landowners, it is their right. We will update you when we know more, but there will be a hearing in the next few weeks.

Open Spaces Society Press Release  23.05.2017
The Friends of Jubilee Field have succeeded in getting a village meadow recorded as an Area of Community Value (ACV), and thus saved for local people to enjoy.

The 3.5-acre field is at Upper Boddington, ten miles south-west of Daventry in Northamptonshire. HS2 will run along the south side of the village, putting local green space at risk of development.

The parish council bought the field five years ago, but the community wanted to secure greater protection for it. Local people, led by Open Spaces Society member Debbie Turner, formed the Friends of Jubilee Field and applied to South Northamptonshire District Council to register the land as an ACV. The council has accepted this so now, if the land is to be sold, local people will be given six months in which to raise money and make a bid for it. The field is enjoyed by local people for informal recreation and is a treasured wildlife site.

Click here to read more and comment.

Local Green Space Designation  07.05.2017

The Government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) introduced a new Local Green Space (LGS) designation. LGS designation is a way to provide special protection against development for green areas of particular importance to local communities.
Green spaces are a vital part of a vibrant and healthy community. As well as recreational benefits, green spaces also improve the visual amenity for any particular areas. 

 You can read more about SNC Local Plan Part 2A and Local Green Space by clicking the links below:

It is really important that as many people as possible complete the designation forms.

Link to PDF

Need a hand? Email: or download our information sheet.

Friends of Jubilee Field is now a small charity 20.04.2017

With 4 trustees, Friends of Jubilee Field is now a small charity. To become a member please email for an application form or click here to download the form. There is currently no annual membership fee.

SNC determine that Jubilee Field, Upper Boddington is an Asset of Community Value 13.04.2017

Exciting news! Jubilee Field is now an Asset of Community Value!

What is an Asset of community value? The Community Right (sometimes called the "Community Right to Buy" or "Community Right to Bid") allows defined community groups, including parish councils, to ask us to list certain assets as being of "community value". This is designed to give communities more opportunities to take control of assets and facilities important to them. If an asset is listed and then comes up for sale, the new right could give communities that want it a total of 6 months to put together a bid to buy it (including a 6 week cut-off for an initial proposal to be put forward)

*source South Northants Council


Parish Plan Summary Report  28.03.2017

There is now a summary report available for the Parish Plan. You can read it by clicking HERE.

Do tell us what you think about the results so far. 


BBC Radio Northampton           07.03.2017

Listen to the recent radio interview with Friends of Jubilee Field (approx 1 hour 26 mins in)

Asset of Community Value        21.02.2017

FOJF has very recently nominated Jubilee Field as an “Asset of Community Value” which went to the South Northants Council, along with 30 signatures from supporters. This is being dealt with by SNC Community Services who have now posted a notice on the gate of Jubilee Field to this effect.

If Jubilee Field gains the registration as a Community Asset, and if in the future there is an intention to sell the land by the Land Owners, i.e. the PC, they are required to notify local voluntary and community groups. This gives the opportunity for the groups to make a bid to buy it from the owner within a specified window of opportunity on the open market. The PC has been informed of this application.

SNC will make a decision within 8 weeks

Click here to read more about ACV's.

Drop In Event  31.01.2017

A big thank you to everyone who came along. It was a great afternoon and the FOJF committee enjoyed sharing the plans for the group with you all. If you couldn't make it but would like to know more please email

We are planning another event in March/April

Nest Swing

This has been put on hold by Parish. An email exchange is available on request, but FOJF see no reason why the installation of the nest swing cannot go ahead.

Parish Plan 10.01.2016

This group supported the aims of the parish plan to "reflect the views of parishioners in both Upper and Lower Boddington and will provide the local vision based on how residents would like to see our area change, and protected, in coming years." We are concerned that then plan has been compromised by the distribution of an anonymous letter, regarding a development offer,  just a few days before the questionnaire was delivered.

FOJF are also worried about the spiralling costs of the Parish Plan, as the current costs stand at £4,066, with an estimated total cost of £7,700 plus the cost of reporting back to parishioners.  Against an initial estimate of £2,000 this is a concern.*
* several of our supporters have asked where the above information came from. It was  requested from the RFO (Responsible Finance Officer) for the Parish Council, and  a copy of the email below.

Dear Debbie,
The Consultants fees up until Christmas were £4,066.21. I am expecting her final cost to be in the order of £7000. In addition there are the costs of printing, distributing and returning the questionnaires (estimated to be in the order of £700). The method and estimated costs of reporting back to the parishioners have yet to be finalised.
Kind Regards
Malcolm Stewart
Boddington Parish

Jubilee Field Awarded £8,000 from Tesco Bags of Help 2016
Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork on its Bags of Help initiative in hundreds of regions across England and Wales. The scheme will see three community groups and projects in each of these regions  awarded grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 - all raised from the 5p bag charge.

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco's 416 regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the 5p charge levied on single-use carrier bags. The public voted in store from 31 October - 13 November on who should receive the £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 awards. In total there is over £12.5 million up for grabs.

Jubilee Field was awarded £8,000 towards play equipment on the field. Parish Council have currently put this on hold pending the outcome of the parish plan. FOJF are concerned that this grant will be lost.