Central to Upper Boddington, Jubilee Field is the place to meet and make friends, walk and talk or admire the view across 3 counties.
HS2 is about to disrupt our lives and protecting and enhancing Jubilee Field is vital to the wellbeing of our

Play Time

Did you know?

"There is no square mile of earths inhabitable surface that is not beautiful in it's own way, if we men will only abstain from willfully destroying that beauty"  William Morris

Jubilee Field, in the confines of Upper Boddington lies within ..
An area of archaeological interest
A special landscape area
2km of seven Local Wildlife Sites
Is an Asset of Community Value
Has a protected hedgerow

A Place To Meet

 July 15 2018 - we have reached our first target of £75,000

August 3 2018 - a bid was submitted to Parish Council.

Play Time

FFOJF intend to bid for the purchase of Jubilee Field . . . . "we  believe this is the solution to make everyone happy"

A place for children to play in a natural environment. Willow tunnel and maze, long grass and open spaces. And somewhere for parents and grandparents to sit.

The possibilities are endless  . . . . . .